It often feels as though my sculptures spring forth, forming their own personality and unique style. If they could communicate I imagine they might say to the viewer, "We gently and lovingly connect with the story lingering deep within your imagination."

 Perhaps it is the sculpture that picks its owner? 

 I'm merely the mechanism following the direction of the potential piece. 

All said, art is about play, making a joyful mess and opening the heart center in order to assist creation.     

About the Artist

My forest being waiting to dry a bit before adding a nest upon its head.

I grew up on a pristine lake in upstate New York.  My favorite pastime as a ten year old girl was to be outdoors usually pretending I was a magical being of the woods. If I wasn't combing the shores of the lake for pretty rocks and twigs, I was climbing tress proficiently or jumping off boulder ledges into cold spring water. I was princess to all inhabitants of the forest that surrounded my lake. In my enchanted forest I curiously studied the odd shapes of mushrooms and soft green moss, tree bark formations and lines in the sand created by fast flowing water. At the shoreline I'd build sand castles without your basic bucket, instead using my fingers to pull the wet sand into curves and caverns for the castle. Those moments must have been my foundation for my current obsession with clay. 

 In fact, I am still fascinated to this day that in nature, one would be hard pressed to find a straight line with the exception of a warm horizon at sunset or a ray of light through a silver cloud. 

Now, I'm all grown up and still roaming in nature.  I've since adapted to a more southern surrounding on magical Lake Santa Fe in Melrose Florida.  My husband John who is also an artist, and I enjoy walking our three pups under the tangled oaks covered with Spanish moss.  When not in the woods, we spend precious time at our little bungalow in St  Augustine. That is where my latest inspirations take place.  Spending time at the beach especially in the evening is simply enchanting. Once again I study the lines in the sand even though the lines are now formed by the might of ocean's waves.  Inspiration for sculpting surrounds me amidst the sea and sand. There is much beauty to take in through our five senses. Yet it is my sixth sense that allows me to bring back my fantasies from my childhood in the forest to my work in the mud.  In my studio I allow for the things unseen to enhance the things that are seen.  I'm grateful for witnessing creation through nature. I am grateful for creating. Now when I play in the mud, all that I learned from the woods and the waters comes back to me like it was yesterday.  I've come full circle and I am blessed.